The bringing back a smile charity was formed in 2017 by fundraiser of the year 2016 Kevin Hill.The charity focus it to help raise funds for adults and children with life-threatening illnesses throughout the North/East and to give them and their family breaks away from the gruelling treatment they have to undertake on a daily basis.


The charity is made up of 4 trustees and 10 volunteers who work hard as a team to put events on throughout the year to bring the public together for great enjoyment and at the same time making people aware of what the charity is about and its goals for the future.


Founder of the charity Kevin Hill says after working hard fundraising over the past 4 years its open his eyes on how people struggle to adjust to the difficult situations they may find themselves in and to know there is always someone there to listen and help is a big relief to most families.


Having seen at first hand the devastation some families have had to endure really opens your eyes and makes you more determined to help in anyway possible and with the team at Bringing Back A Smile and its sponsors what you get is a 110% commitment from a hard working team to raise as much as possible to go towards this great cause hence the naming of the charity by Kevin's daughter Sarah Hill really speaks for itself because if we can put one smile on a face we can put smiles on thousands and that's the aim of bringing back a smile.


Bringing back happy times to those who desperately need it. It's not just the individual who suffers its also the family and siblings who also have to endure the pain of seeing their loved ones in difficult time and if we in any way can make a difference then it's all been worthwhile.